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Journal > Volumes > 37 (2006) > 4 (Winter)
4 (Winter)
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Englishing the Globe: Molyneux’s Globes and Shakespeare’s Theatrical Career

This essay suggests that the Lord Chamberlain’s Men’s decision to name their reconstructed playing space the Globe in 1599 may have been a response to mounting English enthusiasm for terrestrial and celestial globes that was stimulated by Emery Molyneux’s manufacture of the first pair of English globes in 1592. The essay surveys the history of early modern globe manufacture to offer some...

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Women’s Reading Practices in Seventeenth-Century England: Margaret Fell’s Women’s Speaking Justified

In Women’s Speaking Justified (1666) and other pamphlets, Margaret Fell quotes the King James Version of the Bible, but inaccurately. The mistakes are variants resulting from oral transmission: Fell has memorized much of the Bible. This discovery reinforces the views that speech, manuscript, and print were complementary rather than opposing modes in early modern England and that...

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Holy Restraint: Religious Reform and Nuns’ Music in Early Modern Rome

Suspicion of nuns’ music during the early modern period reflected both the Tridentine preoccupation with religious celibacy and traditional distrust of female religious autonomy. Church officials prohibited certain types of liturgical and musical expression in Roman convents as well as interaction between the sisters and male musicians. The authorities were well aware of the attraction of nuns...

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Filius Perditionis: The Propagandistic Use of a Biblical Motif in Sixteenth-Century Spanish ...

This article examines the propagandistic use of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 in five New Testament Spanish translations (Enzinas, 1543; Pérez, 1556; Reina, 1569; and Valera, 1596 and 1602). The article advances the notion of the Hispanicization of the biblical text, a cultural transaction situated in a context of conflict. Drawing on the insights of Translation Studies, specifically the work of...

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