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Welcome to the Electronic Sixteenth Century Journal

In publication since 1969, the Sixteenth Century Journal (SCJ) prints twenty to twenty-five articles and over four hundred book reviews a year. The SCJ is dedicated to providing readers with thought-provoking research and inquiry into the sixteenth century broadly defined (i.e., 1450-1648). Our articles all maintain a strong historical core and cover subjects from around the world.

Editorial and Editorial Committee Changes Posted on 02/24/2022

This spring there are changes in the team of editors and editorial committee at SCJ. Gary Gibbs is stepping down as the primary book review editor. Freddy C. Domínguez, a historian of early modern political culture and religion at the University of Arkansas, has been chosen to replace him. Whitney Leeson is moving from her role as book review editor to the editorial committee. David Whitford is stepping down as one of the senior editors, and moving to the editorial committee. We are also pleased to add five additional new members to the editorial committee:

Kathryn A. Edwards, History, University of South Carolina

Greta Kroeker, History, University of Waterloo

Horacio Sierra, English, Bowie State University

Micheline White, English, Carleton University

Reinier Leushuis, French and Italian, Florida State University

52-3 available online Posted on 02/10/2022

52-3 is now available online! We are waiting for 52-2 and 52-3 to arrive from the printer and will mail them out as soon as possible.

52-1 and 52-2 available online Posted on 01/17/2022

Both 52-1 and 52-2 are now available online! Print copies of 52-1 will be mailed this week and 52-2 will be mailed in a few weeks

51-4 available online! Posted on 06/14/2021

51-4 is available online! Go to https://www.escj.org/escj-volume to view the newest in articles and book reviews!


51-3 available online Posted on 02/18/2021

51-3 is available online! Go to https://www.escj.org/escj-volume to view the newest in articles and book reviews!