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Early Modern Classroom

  • Glenda Y. Nieto-Cuebas
    Ohio Wesleyan University

    Although online digital media had always been a part of my Women and Power in Early Modern Spain class, the Covid-19 stay-at-home order issued during the spring 2020 semester turned it into a central feature of my course rather than a supplemental one. This class was taught in Spanish and focused on the political and social role of women in early modern Spain. The core objectives were to acquire understanding of power relations and gender roles in early modern Spain; comprehend the importance of women’s contributions and legacies during the period in question; and obtain awareness of the...

  • Lynneth Miller Renberg
    Anderson University

    Group projects can be frustrating for students in the best of times. Should they play a role in pedagogy during a pandemic? I struggled with this question in my Age of Reformations course, which included a group board-game project as its final assessment. As originally intended, this project asked groups of students to work together to research a historical event or theme from early modern Europe. Students would then implement concepts such as causality, contingency, and change over time as they designed a historically accurate and playable game. Inspired by a pedagogy panel at the...