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Journal > Volumes > 45 (2014) / 4 (Winter)
Writing and Editing Texts for the 21st Century Classroom
Gary G. Gibbs, Whitney A. M. Leeson, and James M. Ogier
Roanoke College

The Sixteenth Century Journal sponsored roundtable discussion at the recent meeting of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference held in New Orleans— “Conveying Complexity: Writing and Editing for a Classroom Readership,”— was the first of its kind, and we asked participants to submit short essays summarizing the main points they had brought to the panel. Panel members included Katherine L. French (University of Michigan), Brian P. Levack (University of Texas at Austin), Allyson M. Poska (University of Mary Washington), Jeffrey R. Watts (University of Mississippi), Merry Wiesner-Hanks (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and SCJ), and Jonathan W. Zophy (University of Houston, Clear Lake), with Whitney A. M. Leeson (Roanoke College and SCJ) serving as moderator. The panel’s discussion explored questions such as 

  • why members of the panel decided to embark on projects aimed for a classroom readership? 
  • what challenges they encountered with their project? 
  • how the project changed them or helped them grow as an academic? 
  • how one shapes complex issues for student readers? 
  • how the digital age is changing the traditional textbook paradigm? 
Pages: 973 - 985