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Journal > Volumes > 40 (2009) / 4 (Winter)
A Tale as Yet Untold: Salamone Rossi in Venice, 1622
Don Harrán
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

An attempt will be made to reconstruct Salamone Rossi’s Venetian sojourn as it relates, first, to his presumed meetings with two leading Venetian Jews—the rabbi Leon Modena and the poetess Sarra Copia Sulam—and, second, to their influence in shaping his singular collection of Hebrew works, the “Songs of Solomon,” which, ever since their publication in mid-1623, have become the cornerstone of Hebrew art music for the synagogue. By drawing on writings by or about Rossi, Modena, and Sulam, it is possible to sketch out a series of encounters that shed light not only on the composer’s circle of acquaintances but also on the evolution of his “Songs.”

Pages: 1 091 - 1 107