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Journal > Volumes > 44 (2013) / 4 (Winter)
A Roman Poet in the Venetian Republic: The Reception of Horace in Sixteenth-Century Bergamo
Christopher Carlsmith
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

This essay examines the reception of the Roman poet Horace (65–8 BCE) in the northern Italian city of Bergamo. Analysis of book inventories, teacher contracts, episcopal correspondence, and other primary sources from the long sixteenth century indicate that Horace was a well-known author in Bergamasque schools, convents, and libraries, albeit always secondary to Cicero and Virgil. The essay also considers the bibliographic history of Horatian works in Italy, and more specifically in Bergamo, in order to understand how the poet was read, printed, and disseminated in the Venetian Republic. Particular attention is paid to the pedagogical contexts in which Horace was utilized.

Pages: 963 - 984