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Journal > Volumes > 52 (2021) / 2 (Summer)
Reformation Studies in China over Seventy Years, 1949–2019
Chou Wu (吴愁)
Beijing Normal University

This paper analyzes the Reformation studies in China contextualized within the academic framework of world history as it developed from 1949 to the present, including the diachronic changes that scholarship has experienced, its essential characteristics, current debates, and ongoing trends. Over the last seventy years, steady development and some unique characteristics of Chinese academic research are evident. The Chinese academic community has not existed as an isolated island. On the contrary, it has been closely linked to the international scholarly ecosystem and affected by the international political and ideological environment. This paper summarizes those impacts and three trends evident in China within the study of the Reformation, as well as within the study of world history as a whole, and pointed out the sprout of creating historical writing from “the other’s perspective”: a Chinese perspective of the Chinese academics.

Pages: 391 - 404