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Journal > Volumes > 35 (2004) / 3 (Autumn)
The Presence and Participation of Laypeople in the Congrégations of the Company of Pastors in Geneva
Erik A. de Boer
Theological University, Kampen (Broederweg)

The congrégations in Geneva, held on Fridays, were instituted for the ongoing training of the ministers of the word and for the preservation of unity in doctrine. The sources reveal also that lay members of the church were present on a regular basis in the biblical study meetings. This essay is intended to identify as many individual lay participants as possible and to evaluate their social and economic status in the city as well as their relation to the leading ministers. The sources disclose that some artisans attended the biblical study group. More prominent, however, are the schoolmasters and physicians, lawyers and printers. Both Geneva-born citizens and French refugees attended the meetings. Although the lay members did not have a leading role, their presence and participation in the congrégations helped shape lay understanding of Reformed theology.

Pages: 651 - 670