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Journal > Volumes > 44 (2013) / 3 (Autumn)
(No) News from the Western Front: The Weekly Press of the Low Countries and the Making of Atlantic News
Michiel van Groesen
Universiteit van Amsterdam

News from the Atlantic world was a key ingredient in early printed European newspapers. This article investigates the rhythm of Atlantic reporting in two weekly corantos from the Low Countries, one produced in Amsterdam, the other in Antwerp. It studies the serial production, dissemination, and reception of news from the “Western front” in the year 1630, when both the Dutch West India Company and the Habsburg monarchy experienced a blend of victories and disappointments. Partiality and different conceptions of credibility determined how events were covered on opposite sides of the border. Through careful analysis of two newspapers, and the assessment of their Atlantic bulletins by a well-informed reader, this article will argue that a culture of anticipation shaped the circulation of news from Brazil and the Caribbean. This explains why the press in the Netherlands produced regular bulletins even when there was no news, and why few stories were covered so extensively as those from the Atlantic world.

Pages: 739 - 760