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Journal > Volumes > 34 (2003) / 3 (Autumn)
Linguistic "Xenohomophobia" in Sixteenth-Century France: The Case of Henri Estienne
Winfried Schleiner
University of California-Davis

Henri Estienne (also Henricus Stephanus, called le Grand) is one of the most important printers, editors, dictionary writers, philologists, and religious controversialists of the sixteenth century. This essay argues that allegations of unmanliness and sodomy against (Catholic) Italians-in short, forms of "xenohomophobia" inform not only his writings that participate in the post-Reformational controversies of his day, but they enter deeply also into his philological speculations and observations. Estienne's gendered speculations and prejudices were adapted to use in England.

Pages: 747 - 760