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Journal > Volumes > 52 (2021) / 4 (Winter)
The Late Medieval City and Its Peri-Urban Sacred Landscape: The Case of Biberach an der Riß
Achim Timmermann
University of Michigan

At the heart of this article are two eyewitness accounts of the religious life of pre-Reformation Biberach an der Riß in Upper Swabia. Written between ca. 1531 and 1545 by two brothers who had remained Roman Catholic while their home city had converted to Protestantism, the two reports provide a virtually unparalleled glimpse into the material and visual culture of a small Imperial Free City on the eve of the Protestant Reformation. So far, the two narratives have been primarily mined for their portrayal of religious customs taking place within the city walls. Almost no attention has been paid to the fact that the two accounts chart the richly textured sacred landscape that unfolded in every direction in the peri-urban spaces just outside the town walls. Rather than looking at the pre-Reformation city from within, this article considers the late medieval urban space from the outside.

Pages: 943 - 976