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Journal > Volumes > 34 (2003) / 4 (Winter)
Jewish History, Catholic Argument: Thomas Lodge's Workes of Josephus as a Catholic Text
Erin E. Kelly
Nazareth College

Thomas Lodge is atypical among early modern English writers concerned with Jewish religious and historical texts. Whereas it was common for English theologians to use Jewish scholarship in support of their Protestant arguments, Lodge's 1602 translation ofThe Famous and Memorable Workes ofjosephus offers English readers the works of Josephus as a defense of Catholic understandings of Christian history and theology. By examining Lodge's translation in the context of sixteenth-century English books on Josephus, we can see not only his work's Catholic point of view but also gain a better understanding of what kinds of Catholic books could be legally printed in early modern England.

Pages: 993 - 1 010