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Journal > Volumes > 52 (2021) / 2 (Summer)
Implementing Royal Policy in Castile: The Council of the Cruzada and Monastic Discounts in the Ecclesiastical Subsidy, 1534–58
Sean T. Perrone
Saint Anselm College

This paper use qualitative and quantitative analysis to assess how the royal bureaucracy implemented Charles V’s discount policy to monasteries in the ecclesiastical subsidy. The king wanted to make sure that only the most burdened monastic communities, particularly those of poor nuns, received discounts. Consequently, he charged the Council of the Cruzada with this administrative task. The council produced reams of financial records regarding these discounts, and the present study uses those records to examine the success of royal discount policy, the bureaucratic mechanisms for its execution, and the ability of the Council of the Cruzada to respond to changing circumstances. In the process, the paper argues that the implementation of discount policy over decades increased the council’s competency and efficiency, especially in regarding to record keeping, and thereby served the growing administrative and informational needs of the Crown.

Pages: 361 - 390