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Journal > Volumes > 34 (2003) / 2 (Summer)
Heinrich Bullinger, Marriage, and the English Reformation: The Christen state of Matrimonye in England, 1540-53
Carrie Euler
The Johns Hopkins University

Much work has been accomplished in recent years on the relationship between the English and continental reformations, but research is focused primarily on the impact of Martin Bucer and Peter Martyr Vermigli on English theologians and university students during the reign of Edward VI. Comparatively little has been written about Heinrich Bullinger, whose writings, translated into English more frequently than Bucer's or Vermigli's, reached a wider English audience. Bullinger's Christen State of Matrimonye offers an excellent case study of the religious and cultural connections between Zurich and England during the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI. The content of the book reveals much about the Zurich reformer s marital, covenantal, and pastoral views. The history of the book's translation and extensive publication in English sheds light on the motives of English reformers, writers, and printers, while its reception and impact allow a more precise evaluation of Bullinger's influence in England.

Pages: 367 - 393