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Journal > Volumes > 48 (2017) / 2 (Summer)
Four Hundred Years From Shakespeare
Gary Gibbs, Whitney A. M. Leeson, and Dana-Linn Whiteside
Roanoke College

The genesis for this set of essays originated almost sixteen years ago, when the Book Review Office of the Sixteenth Century Journal  moved to Roanoke College and began receiving diverse books of Shakespearean scholarship for the purpose of placing, editing, and publishing book reviews of those books. We, the Book Review Editors, have often joked that it would be possible to publish an entire edition of book reviews devoted solely to Shakespeare. When 2016 brought the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (23 April 1616), we received a larger than typical number of publications on Shakespeare and his works and decided it was time to revisit one of our past ideas regarding potential Shakespeare projects. We decided to pay homage to the ubiquitous yet elusive author by approaching several scholars from various types of institutions to examine, with a focus on pedagogical use, ten new publications. The results are the following five essays, which offer much to consider from the selection of texts to assign students to critical approaches to specific exercises that might be employed in the classroom.

Pages: 437 - 440