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Journal > Volumes > 37 (2006) / 4 (Winter)
Englishing the Globe: Molyneux’s Globes and Shakespeare’s Theatrical Career
Adam Max Cohen
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

This essay suggests that the Lord Chamberlain’s Men’s decision to name their reconstructed playing space the Globe in 1599 may have been a response to mounting English enthusiasm for terrestrial and celestial globes that was stimulated by Emery Molyneux’s manufacture of the first pair of English globes in 1592. The essay surveys the history of early modern globe manufacture to offer some historical context for Molyneux’s cartographic work; it analyzes the cartographic semantics of his globes; it traces the impact of his globes on the cartographic literature of the period; and it suggests that England’s enthusiasm for globes influenced Shakespeare’s theatrical career in multiple ways.

Pages: 963 - 984