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Journal > Volumes > 43 (2012) / 2 (Summer)
Cultivating Prudence: Robert Dallington’s Aphorismes Civill and Militarie
Patricia Patrick
Brigham Young University– Hawaii

Robert Dallington’s Aphorismes Civill and Militarie (1613) presents a condensed version of Guicciardini’s Storia d’Italia, accompanied by commentary and relevant quotations from authorities. This aphorized and epitomized version of the Storia seems to present the lessons of history only as easily captured, readily imparted precepts. As a careful reader of Guicciardini and as a contemporary of Bacon, Dallington is keenly aware of the limitations of overgeneralization. Rather than offer uncontested precepts, Dallington engages readers in cultivating a flexible, prudent response to variable circumstances. His work thus offers a significant perspective on the creation and application of knowledge in the early modern period.

Pages: 351 - 370