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Journal > Volumes > 42 (2011) / 4 (Winter)
Constitutional Thought and Practice in Early Sixteenth-Century France: Revisiting the Legacy of Ernst Kantorowicz
Tyler Lange
University of California, Berkeley

This article revisits the contribution of Ernst Kantorowicz’s The King’s Two Bodies by examining the site and tenor of political and constitutional thought in early sixteenth-century France. With the aid of recent French scholarship, it revises previous accounts by considering alternative sites of political thought and the doctrinal sources of constitutional practice. The commentaries of academic jurists offer a range of constitutional theories that informed quotidian litigation over royal power in the king’s own courts. The constitutional history of early sixteenth-century France should be redirected away from spectacular public rituals and humanist treatises and towards day-to-day legal practice and its doctrinal basis.

Pages: 1 003 - 1 026