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Journal > Volumes > 39 (2008) / 4 (Winter)
Capell nuncapato Jherusalem noviter Brugis: The Adornes Family of Bruges and Holy Land Devotion
Mitzi Kirkland-Ives

The Adornes, a Genoese merchant family prominent in late fifteenth-century Bruges, exhibited a particularly devout attachment to the sites of the Holy Land, manifested in the Jerusalem pilgrimages of three sequential generations of Adornes men and through the construction of the extraordinary family chapel, the Jeruzalemkapel, a conceptual Jerusalem in miniature that served the family in Bruges: a domestication of the Jerusalem pilgrimage experience. The Adornes family’s varied spatial and narrative experiences of these two Jerusalems demonstrate the overlap between the late flowering of lay piety in the last half century before the Reformation and the arrival of humanist interests in the Low Countries. 

Pages: 1 041 - 1 064