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Journal > Volumes > 39 (2008) / 4 (Winter)
“The folly of the swinish, brutish, mutinous, fickle, many-headed rabble”: Social Order in the Theology of Sebastian Franck
Patrick Hayden-Roy
Nebraska Wesleyan University

One of Sebastian Franck’s central organizing concepts is rooted in his understanding of the term böfel, or the mob. Though not much noted in literature on Franck, his reflections on the term provide a central perspective around which he develops his distinctive vision of history and the desperate circumstances of human societies and individuals. The article lays out the structure of his social thought by investigating the development and deployment of this word within his writings. In doing this, it provides another vantage point from which to consider Franck’s social identity and the substance of his worldview.

Pages: 947 - 971