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Welcome to the Electronic Sixteenth Century Journal

In publication since 1969, the Sixteenth Century Journal (SCJ) prints twenty to twenty-five articles and over four hundred book reviews a year. The SCJ is dedicated to providing readers with thought-provoking research and inquiry into the sixteenth century broadly defined (i.e., 1450-1648). Our articles all maintain a strong historical core and cover subjects from around the world.

52-1 and 52-2 available online Posted on 01/17/2022

Both 52-1 and 52-2 are now available online! Print copies of 52-1 will be mailed this week and 52-2 will be mailed in a few weeks

51-4 available online! Posted on 06/14/2021

51-4 is available online! Go to https://www.escj.org/escj-volume to view the newest in articles and book reviews!


Book Review Editor Sought Posted on 03/24/2021


The Sixteenth Century Journal announces the search for a new Book Review Editor or Book Review Editor team, who will begin duties in June 2022. Surveys of readers of academic journals have found that book reviews are the most-read section in any journal, making this an essential position. SCJ publishes more book reviews than any other journal in early modern studies, and more than most other journals in the humanities. 

The basic tasks of the Book Review Editor include: (a) reviewing publisher catalogs and requesting review copies of new titles, (b) keeping track of books throughout the review process, (c) offering books to potential reviewers, (d) mailing books, (e) receiving and acknowledging review submissions, (f) editing reviews, (g) accepting or rejecting reviews, (h) sending proofs to reviewers, (i) making corrections, (j) submitting ca. 200 pages of reviews to the managing editor/production office four times a year; (k) generating Book Notices of recently arrived books for publication four times a year, (l) emailing late notices to reviewers who fail to submit their reviews on time, (m) attending the SCSC for the annual SCJ Editors’ meeting.

This unpaid position offers an opportunity for important professional service, and also for broadening and deepening one’s understanding of the current status and future directions of early modern studies. It also provides connections and camaraderie with scholars around the world, many of whom are long-time reviewers, and with the presses that publish their work. 

Basic knowledge of early modern studies required, with a preference for specialization in one of the central fields of SCJ: history, literature, art history, and religious studies. It is strongly recommended that those applying for this position have tenure or not be under stringent publication requirements, and also that they are able to cope with quarterly deadlines for submissions to the managing editor/production office. 

SCJ publishes in English, but reviews books in many languages, making a Book Review Editor team a good option, though not required. Secretarial support is a necessity, as are computer and printer support. The current Book Review Office at Roanoke College has developed a highly successful undergraduate student internship program that has served as a model for other academic journals, which could be replicated by a new editor or editorial team. 

Applications for this position should consist of a letter of application and a CV. These should be sent to Senior Editor Merry Wiesner-Hanks (merrywh@uwm.edu). Questions about the position can also be directed to her, or to the two current Book Review Editors, Gary Gibbs (gibbs@roanoke.edu) and Whitney Leeson (wleeson@roanoke.edu).

51-3 available online Posted on 02/18/2021

51-3 is available online! Go to https://www.escj.org/escj-volume to view the newest in articles and book reviews!

"How to Publish" webinars Posted on 12/10/2020

Today's morning and afternoon sessions were a great success and attendance exceeded all expectations. The sessions were recorded and will be posted to YouTube in the new year. In the meantime you can find the slides and some "live-tweeted" comments on the SCJ twitter feed @16cjournal